Why You Need A Private StoryBrand Workshop

Does this sound familiar to you?

  • People just don’t seem to understand what it is you do.
  • Your marketing feels like a waste of money
  • Your sales team can’t differentiate your products in the marketplace
  • And, try as you might, you just cannot get buy in from colleagues on your ideas

It’s so frustrating when this happens. When we’re not clear in our message it can affect our business in so many ways and end up costing tens of £££s in lost revenue.

The good news is it doesn’t have to be that way.  With a private two-day StoryBrand Workshop you will have expert guidance and all the time you need to transform your mixed messages into a clear, solid brand story that your whole team will want to get behind.

The words you use are powerful

The message you’ll create in a StoryBrand workshop is POWERFUL. It will give you the foundation to create marketing materials that really work. You’ll know the language you need to create compelling sales letters your customers will act on, and you’ll know how to craft the right words to convert people when they land on your website. You’ll be able to apply this to literally every aspect of your marketing.

And the great thing is, in doing so, your whole team will understand your vision and unite around a common story.

So, what can you expect from your private StoryBrand Workshop?

First, we’ll find out exactly what YOU want to achieve from the day. You’re not bundled in with other companies. This is about dedicated time for your business. As such, your workshop will be tailored to your specific goals.

A StoryBrand workshop is not a lecture – it’s a hands-on practical experience that everyone can participate in, no matter their position within your organisation. In addition, every person attending will get their own printed workbook to complete as we go through it.

Understand why story is the most powerful form of communication

Everyone will learn about the core concepts of effective storytelling – and why it is the most powerful form of communication. You’ll hear Donald Miller’s concise and engaging explanation of how the human mind works, and how to effectively cut through the noise that we all have to process on a daily basis – that way your team can make sure they get heard.

We’ll show you examples of good practice in marketing so your team has a clear idea how to apply their learning and run with this straight away.

Create your own StoryBrand 7-step story

And then we’ll work through the StoryBrand 7-step messaging framework to create your unique story. These seven story steps will give you the critical messaging foundation you need to communicate your brand effectively.

But it doesn’t stop there. It’s really important to us that you get the most out of your workshop investment so, you will have two certified StoryBrand Guides spend the second afternoon showing you how to implement your messaging across key marketing assets. This could be mapping out a website landing page, a sales funnel or even an email campaign for example. It’s entirely up to you.

Is mixed messaging holding back your business?

Don’t let mixed messaging hold your business back any longer. Schedule a call with STORY22 today. Many business owners say they’ve accomplished more in this two-day workshop than in the last few years. We can get that for you too. So, schedule a call, tell us your goals and let’s get you moving in the right direction. We’ll help you create that clear, compelling message your whole team will unite behind.