Why a blog is good for your business

Blogs are great for business. For something that only costs your time (unless you pay someone to write it for you), they give a lot back. But why do you need one? When’s writing’s not your area of expertise they can take valuable time out of your working week to craft. Besides, you already have a website with pages and pages of information on it – so, is a blog really necessary?

The short answer is a resounding Yes.

Your blog is a great way to reflect your brand personality and your authority in your field and it offers an opportunity for you to add more value for customers when they visit your site.

And if you’re not adding that value, you could, ultimately, be losing out to your competitors.

There are endless ways a blog can benefit your business – so we’ve highlighted our top 6 to wet your blogging appetite!

1. Solve a problem

First and foremost, your blog should solve a problem for your customer. While it can be tempting to write for the sake of creating regular content, you don’t want to waste everyone’s time. Your blog should always deliver meaningful and valuable content. But how do you know it does this? Easy. Solve a problem for them – and if your content doesn’t do this, you should probably rethink why you’re writing it in the first place. Keeping your customer and their problem at the centre of your blog content creation is a sure-fire way to engage and create a regular following, which in turn will help grow your business.

2. Keep your audience updated on your business

For people to feel connected to your brand they need to know you. And while your website may be more formal in tone, your blog is the perfect place to showcase your brand personality, not just what you do. Think of it as an extension of your social presence – a place where you can be more conversational while still sharing relevant and timely content your customers will want to read.  

But remember, this is about your customer – not about you. Update on business matters that might be important to your customer. Taking them behind the scenes, for example, helps them see what they are buying into in terms of how you operate – it gives reassurance and builds loyalty to your brand, but still keeps their problem at the fore.

3. Strengthen your SEO

Blogs are fantastic for Search Engine Optimisation and can help increase your website’s visibility on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.  When you write blogs on topics that customers are searching for, or on questions they are asking, you stand a better chance of ranking higher in a Google search.

The more fresh, well-written blogs you write which include keywords in your field – the more you show up – and the more traffic you generate to your website. The bottom line being more business. You can read more on why your website needs SEO here.

4. Show your authority in your field

You’ve got a lot of knowledge – you’re good at what you do – why not share more of that with your customers? No matter what industry you’re in, blogs are a brilliant way of delving a little deeper into relevant topics that you’ve got the ‘know-how’ on. Not only does this show your customers that you know what you’re talking about – it also helps keep you front of mind when they choose to purchase at a later date. Being generous with your brand and giving away your expertise for free is good for business.

5. Repurpose blog content for social media

Getting people to engage with your brand on social media is tough. Blogs are a great way for you to increase exposure on these channels. When people read something they’ve found useful, what do they do? They share it – increasing your brand exposure. Social channels like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are full of people sharing articles they love.

Blogs are also a great way to provide content for social media. Rather than struggling to find a continual stream of exciting new ideas, blogs can be broken down into several bite-sized highlights that can be used for posts to drive people onto your website.  And don’t be afraid to raid the blog archives and reshare past content –  so long as the points you make are still relevant.

6. Drive long-term results

Blog can have an incredibly long life span – delivering value for your brand by driving traffic to your website and generating leads for months and even years after it was first written – without you having to do anything at all!

You might have written a post utilising golden keywords on a particular topic and then forgotten about it, but that doesn’t mean it’s over. Unlike social media posts which generally fizzle out after a day or two, blogs can keep that fire burning as long as people are still searching for and finding your blog on that topic.

So there you have it – our top 5 reasons your business needs a blog. If you don’t have a blog for your business yet, now’s the time to do it. And if you’re unsure of where to start with the business blog world, or you worry you won’t have the time to create content for it – hiring a copywriter to help is a great option to get that ball rolling.

At STORY22 we use the StoryBrand framework to create engaging copy that will inform and inspire your audience,  and ultimately drive them to do business with you. So if you need help with your marketing, schedule a free 30-minute strategy session today!