What is StoryBrand?

Too many businesses waste time and money driving leads to their website without getting the foundations of their marketing right first – their message.

It’s pointless throwing your resources into marketing and just hoping something will stick. To get ahead of your competition and achieve your goals, you need a strategy you can rely on to work. Otherwise, you’re simply hoping for a miracle.

The StoryBrand Framework will help you get a clear message and a website that works so that your marketing converts to solid leads.


How does StoryBrand work?


StoryBrand is a clear and simple marketing framework you can use to clarify your brand message. Developed by Donald Miller in his book Building a StoryBrand, it harnesses basic psychology and the power of story to reach your audience faster. As story has 22 times the power of recall than information delivered as facts alone (hence our name STORY22) your customers are much more likely to remember your business, understand the problem you solve for them and take action to do business with you than when you use other forms of marketing messaging.

It follows a seven-step process to help you develop a clear and compelling brand narrative that you can apply across all your communication. The framework helps you position your customer as the focus of your narrative so you can clearly demonstrate the value you bring to them in a way that doesn’t feel salesy. By taking this unique approach you connect with your clients in a meaningful way.

The StoryBrand framework has helped our own clients to:

  • Express what they do with ease
  • Generate more sales just by changing how they speak to people
  • Increase the time visitors spend on their website
  • Boost their email open/click-through rates
  • Improve their client proposals to significantly increase their business


Who is StoryBrand for?


If you use words to market your business the StoryBrand Framework can help you. It’s applicable to all businesses from solopreneurs to large corporates, non-profits and even public sector services such as the NHS and government. The seven-step framework can be applied to clarify any communication, from your website to your sales letters - even your social media posts and ads.

This StoryBrand Framework can help organisations that:

  • Find it challenging to describe their service or product
  • Struggle to generate new leads
  • Need a consistent way to communicate their values to staff
  • Are lacking a robust marketing strategy or aren't getting the results they need from their current one
  • Fail to convert visitors to their website into sales or leads
  • Send out regular emails that don’t engage people very well.


What’s a StoryBrand Certified Guide?


StoryBrand Certified Guides are intensively trained by Donald Miller, the founder of StoryBrand, to implement the framework in customers’ messaging and marketing. STORY22 is the only agency in Europe with more than one certified guide in the team, meaning our clients have the benefit of double the expertise at their disposal. Some StoryBrand guides have a niche area they cover, such as engineering, and many have specific skill sets such as videography.

At STORY22, Julie Firth is a specialist copywriter and Sonya Whittam is an expert in digital marketing. Both are qualified marketers and professional strategists.


How do I StoryBrand my business?


1. Read the books. Start with Donald Miller’s book Building A StoryBrand to understand the seven steps of the framework and help you clarify your brand message. The follow-up book Marketing Made Simple provides you with key practical steps you can take to build an effective sales funnel. The StoryBrand podcast is also well worth a listen for tips and examples of how the framework has helped people achieve success.


2. Hire a StoryBrand Guide.  Working with your own StoryBrand Guide at STORY22 will give you peace of mind every part of your marketing and messaging is set up for success and will help your business grow.


3. Do the course. StoryBrand is currently running a 2-day online livestream course for businesses to learn how to implement the framework themselves.


Schedule a free strategy call with STORY22 and find out how you can start growing your business with ease.

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