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Welcome to our new copy wizard – Rich Firth

Richard Firth is the newest member of the STORY22 team and has joined us as a senior copywriter, managing website pages, blogs, social posts and email campaigns for our clients.

As a writer, he has a rich pedigree. A journalist for 20 years, Rich was a newspaper editor for a decade and spent five years writing headlines at The Sun.

Prior to joining us here at STORY22, he was a Senior Comms Manager at Macmillan Cancer Support, helping to raise awareness of the issues faced by people living with cancer and writing about the help Macmillan provides.

Variety of clients is key to engagement

Married to STORY22 founder Julie Firth, Rich said: “I’ve had a back seat view of STORY22’s development right from the off so I’ve seen the hours that have gone into making it the success it is.

“So far, it’s been brilliant. The team is so friendly and everyone helps each other reach the goals we set ourselves each week.

“The best thing about working here is the variety. One day I’ll be writing about coin collecting, the next contract negotiations. The StoryBrand Framework gives you a way to talk about these topics in a way that is going to have the maximum impact for the client. It works almost like magic!”

Homegrown recruitment strategy

Julie said: “It’s fantastic to have Rich on board. We try our best to keep our home and work lives separate but sometimes it’s useful to talk about a client or how we’re going to approach a piece of work while we’re out with the dog or driving somewhere.”

When he’s not working Rich watches football, collects vinyl and reads history books. He is also on the committee of Gillingham-based football club, Hollands & Blair.

Welcome to the team Rich!