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Welcome back Jennie!

There’s no greater show of how quickly time flies than a child’s first year – something our Marketing Manager, Jennie, can attest to as she makes her return to work at STORY22 after a year on Maternity Leave.

A lot can change in that time! Over the last 12 months we’ve celebrated our 3rd (soon to be 4th!) birthday, welcomed 6 new members of our team (7 if we include the baby kind!), been shortlisted for a variety of awards and grown our wonderful client list. It’s been a super busy period with lots of exciting new projects, so we are thrilled to welcome Jennie back into the fold after a year away. 

First class service, without compromising on family

As a relatively new business, Jennie was STORY22’s first employee to require Maternity Leave. As a company Co-Founded by women, and one with a number of parents on the team, providing an inclusive working environment for those with families has been of the utmost importance to the business.

Finding the right balance between family life and work is integral to the ethos of STORY22, so it’s been vital for our workplace policies to reflect this. It’s something we take seriously and is in large part the reason we made a commitment to running a completely flexible working arrangement from the inception of the business back in 2020.

Co-Founder Julie Firth said, “We know our team work hard, but that shouldn’t mean a compromise on how they show up for their family.

Our team manage their own time, delivering a first-class service for our clients while still managing to be at the school gates to collect their children or be at that football game when they want to be.”

A commitment to family-friendly policies

It’s this commitment to fostering an environment where employees feel their family life is respected just as much as their professional life that we feel creates a happier workforce – especially during a time that can be uncertain for many new parents.

Speaking on her return to paid work, Jennie said, “Finding out I was pregnant was such an exciting time, but as is the nature of pregnancy, there were also times of uncertainty and worry. As a soon-to-be mum, of course you have questions about how things are going to work out once your baby arrives. I was lucky enough to work somewhere that was supportive of families, specifically working mums, and that made this period much easier.  

Knowing I didn’t need to worry about fitting into rigid schedules in a strict 9-5, or returning to an environment that was hostile to my new family life made the run up to my son’s arrival and my maternity leave a lot more enjoyable. I know not every new parent is quite so lucky.

I have loved having a full year away from work to focus on my son while also staying up to date with the business and our clients through my Keeping in Touch Days – a nice toe dip into the working world while otherwise fully immersed in ‘mum mode!’

I’m excited to be back with the team and to sink my teeth into some meaty projects for some great clients, while also learning my new role of the world’s best juggling act!”

Please join us in extending a very warm welcome back to Jennie.