StoryBrand Messaging Workshop
To Align Your Team

Guided interactive events to unite your team
around one common message



Clarify your
brand message

Get the expert
feedback you need

Enjoy the results
you deserve

A Disjointed and Confused Team Holds Back Your Success

An unclear message creates challenges your organisations just doesn't need.

Leaders, marketers, salespeople, and managers end up being ignored. Why? Because they're not communicating in a way that the whole team can clearly understand.

Do these sound familiar?

  • Members of the team just aren't on the same page
  • We're going through a period of transition
  • We all say different things about our business
  • We are having trouble getting team buy-in
  • Our marketing seems to confuse people
  • We're struggling to differentiate our offer

How to Book A Private StoryBrand Workshop

  • 1 Apply

    You need your team aligned around a clear message. We can help. Click below to book your workshop.

  • 2 Choose A Date

    Your workshop will take place over two days. Mark it in your calendars, and let's get started!

  • 3 Align Your Team

    Create your foundational brand message and finally unlock the potential of your team.


"StoryBrand is the clearest, simplest, and most effective experience I've had in getting clear in our company's story and how to tell it in a way that creates action."

Your Brand Messaging Workshop Tailored To Your Unique Needs

Unless every person on your team can buy into the same message about how you solve your customers' problems, you are losing money. A StoryBrand Private Workshop aligns your team and removes years of confusion in less than two days.

Here's How Your Customised Storybrand Workshop Works

We will come to your company and lead a customised workshop for your team. During the workshop, everyone will learn a repeatable framework that can be used to create a foundational message for all aspects of your business. You'll then create that message as a team so everyone leaves the workshop with a shared vision of how to articulate what you do.

Bonus Session – Implement Your Learning

We want you to get the most out of your workshop investment – that's why STORY22 founders and StoryBrand Guides Sonya Whittam and Julie Firth both attend your workshop to provide a bonus session focusing on implementing your messaging effectively.

We can help you:

  • Create a one-liner
  • Identify ideas for lead generators
  • Apply your brand narrative to social media
  • Map out what to say on your website landing page
  • Plan a compelling email campaign
  • Develop a full sales funnel

Don't let mixed messaging hold your business back any longer. Book a private StoryBrand Workshop with STORY22 today. Many business owners say they've accomplished more in this two-day workshop than in the last few years. We can get that for you too. So schedule a call, tell us your goals and let's get you moving in the right direction. We look forward to meeting you and helping you create that clear, compelling message your whole team will unite behind.

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