Marketing Strategy

Know who your customers are, how to stand out from competitors and
plot a clear path to achieve your goals



Can you afford to throw money and resources away on marketing that doesn’t work?

Marketing without a strategy risks wasting time and money, losing out to your competitors, missing opportunities to maximise your marketing investment, targeting the wrong audience and having a lacklustre offer - because you won’t understand how your product or service fully solves your customers' problems. Marketing shouldn't feel like you're burning cash for no reason.

But marketing’s tough to get right… there’s just so much to think about

Marketing does have many elements – social media, advertising, PR, Pay Per Click, website, video (...the list goes on!). And no business has a bottomless budget – so you need to know where the smart money should be invested. (Because the scattergun approach never ends well.) Your marketing should be doing its job – working to help you achieve your business goals. A clear, achievable and measurable plan will give you the clarity and focus you need to succeed.

Time to get your marketing back on track

Our marketing strategy service provides a rock solid foundation for your business, helping you set achieveable and meaningful goals for success and SMART objectives to keep you focused, within budget and on target for growth.

We can help you...

  • find the best way to adapt to changing circumstances
  • achieve maximum exposure with your target audience
  • identify untapped opportunities and gain competitive advantage
  • identify cost savings/maximise efficiency
  • balance realistic budgets across your marketing to achieve the desired growth.

Planning your marketing strategy

At STORY22 we are a full service marketing agency, led by qualified marketing strategists and our team is competent in every marketing discipline. This allows us to offer our clients a balanced, common-sense approach marketing strategy, without bias, using key insights and analytics. We'll look at branding and brand awareness, market research, competition, value proposition, tactics, digital marketing, content marketing, PR (public relations) ROI (return on investment), promotion tactics, segmentation, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation, email marketing campaigns, lead generation and conversion challenges.

  • Together we'll work through a SWOT analysis of your business strengths and weaknesses and assess the opportunities and threats in the current market landscape, to help you plan for the road ahead
  • We'll carry out an audit of your current marketing, including your website performance, and recommend any improvements within the resources at your disposal, considering current market trends
  • We'll guide you to identify your customer pain points and segment the right audience for your business so you understand where to find your customers and how to craft effective brand messaging to attract them
  • We'll pinpoint the right marketing tools and marketing activities that will help your business to thrive
  • We'll show you how to optimise your marketing spend by integrating it across all channels
  • We'll help you to stop wasting money on marketing efforts that aren't right for your business.


How to create a marketing strategy to grow your business with ease

  • 1 Schedule a call and get a free 30-minute strategy session – we’ll outline our initial thoughts and how we can help solve your challenges
  • 2 Work with our marketing strategy team – we’ll take a deep dive into the business, analyse the current situation and understand your vision for the future before gathering the data we need to compile our comprehensive report.
  • 3 Move your business forward - get a clear roadmap for your marketing so you can measure progress and have complete confidence your activities are cost effective and helping you achieve your mission.
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StoryBrand marketing strategy

At STORY22, we work with organisations who appreciate the value of the StoryBrand framework. This compelling approach to communicating with customers is then used as a filter across every aspect of the work we carry out - including your marketing strategy. This means we use the framework as a lens to look at the buyer journey from your customers' perspective, ensuring you have fully considered and compensated for any objections potential customers may have before they become an obstacle to them buying from you. STORY22's certified StoryBrand Guides will lead you through the strategy process.

Stop wasting money on marketing that isn’t working for your business.

Instead, book a free 30-minute call to discuss your marketing strategy, and finally get a clear plan and have confidence that every penny you spend will be working to achieve your goals.

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