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Attract the right cases

Use the right words

Secure the right clients

If only speaking about your business was as easy as standing up in court

How is it that you know exactly what to say when representing clients in court yet when it comes to your own legal practice you just can’t find the words that help your business stand out from every other lawyer or solicitor in town. A clear brand message shouldn’t be this difficult to figure out.

Time to talk about your law practice with clarity and confidence

You can tell a compelling story. You do it for clients all the time. But telling your own story is tough. It’s not the same as arguing a case in court. We get it. You don’t want to get it wrong. So it ends up on the back burner, along with plans to grow your practice. Want to stop burying your head in the sand? You need messaging experts who’ll take this off your plate and get you moving forward towards your goals.

Have confidence you have a clear brand message for your law firm

At STORY22 we work with lawyers, solicitors, and busy law firms around the world to help them pinpoint the exact words that will hit home with the clients they are looking to attract, whether that is criminal defence, divorce settlements or care proceedings. We understand how important it is to differentiate yourself from your competitors and attract the profile of client you want to work with.

StoryBrand specialists

We are certified StoryBrand Guides, expert in utilising this highly effective communication framework to engage your clients faster.

Marketing experts

Our agency is run by highly qualified strategic marketers who are not afraid to challenge the status quo to provide a fresh perspective.

Bespoke approach

This is no cookie cutter effort. We listen intently and work relentlessly to get results that count for our clients - across all aspects of marketing.


Time to talk sense about your law practice

  • 1 Schedule a call - we can work to your busy schedule with evening and weekend appointments that fit around your workload.
  • 2 Fix your words - our team will work with you to find the exact words that fit with your values and ambitions and help set you aside from other lawyers.
  • 3 Ace your marketing - with firm foundations in place you can start investing in your marketing with confidence knowing the words you use will connect with your audience and compel them to choose your representation over others.
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Would you expect your clients to represent themselves in court?


Of course not - the stakes are too high. The same applies to your marketing. So schedule a call and get the expert support your business needs to help you achieve your goals. In the meantime, download our guide to the five ways you could be winning business while you sleep. So, stop getting bogged down with cases you don’t even want to take on. Instead, schedule a call and create a clear message about your practice that attracts the cases you really want to work on

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