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Your Marketing Should Invite Customers Into a Relationship with you and it should work.

Your Marketing Should Invite Customers Into a Relationship with you and it should work.


Have you invested in marketing that isn’t getting a return?

Are you guessing at what your message should be?

Do you have a clear brand story?

Are you overwhelmed at how to follow up with leads?

Does your team lack a unified message?

Is your marketing muddy?

Do you often stare at a blank page wondering what to write?

Do you have a system for creating marketing that saves you time and money?

Can you clearly state your value proposition?

But the best-laid plans don’t always figure out like that. Stuff gets in the way. Things slip. And before you know it weeks pass and you’ve missed opportunities.

Don’t let this be you. We’re here to help you make it happen.

Get the StoryBrand Guide support your business deserves

We’ve put together these special VIP packages to help you transform your BrandScript into powerful and compelling messaging across all your marketing collateral. You get to work with two certified StoryBrand guides who will help you get the results you and your business deserve. We help businesses like yours achieve amazing results every day by implementing the StoryBrand Framework across all aspects of their marketing.

Don’t risk holding back your business success. Schedule your free 60-minute coaching call with Story22 and get started straight away.

The Complete ‘StoryBranded’ Sales Funnel package

We’ll take your work and turn this into compelling marketing collateral so you can be 100% sure every word you use engages your customers. This complete package takes care of everything for you. Get this wrapped up in as little as 4 weeks. Package includes:

  • BrandScript review - we'll go over everything you've put together in detail
  • Message pack – a 22-page bespoke guide to implementing your BrandScript across your marketing
  • Home/landing page wireframe - we'll write your copy and plan your layout so you have a landing page set up to convert leads
  • Lead generating pdf to collect emails - we'll create a compelling pdf download to pull potential customers into your sales funnel
  • An 8-sequence email nurture campaign - we'll craft engaging copy demonstrating the problem you solve and showcasing your expertise in your field so your prospects will want to do business with you
  • Sales letter - we'll make sure you have a pitch perfect sales letter to onboard new clients
  • Tagline - we'll refine your one-liner down to a meaningful tagline people will remember you for

Investment: Livestream offer $9,999 (Regular fee $12,999)

Need a website too? Complete package + 3-page WordPress website $12,999 (Regular fee $15,999) (includes all copy, imagery, 1-year hosting, SSL certificate. No hosting tie-in) We are happy to stage payments if that works better for your business.


A Website
That Works

$ 4,999
  • - BrandScript Review
  • - Message pack – your guide to implementing your BrandScript throughout your marketing
  • - Landing page wireframe
  • - Tagline
  • - 90-minute consultation to review your collateral

A Message
That Connects

  • - BrandScript Review
  • - Message pack – your guide to implementing your BrandScript throughout your marketing
  • - 90-minute consultation to review your collateral

A Guide When
You Need It

$199 per hour
  • - Get the StoryBrand expertise when you need it most. Hire our guides by the hour when you need copy coaching, marketing strategy support or even a website review. Utilise our time in the most effective way to suit your business needs and available resources.

Let's get your business on track

  • 1 Schedule a call

    Get support from a certified guide in your free 60-minute coaching call

  • 2 Make the most of your BrandScript

    We'll help you get to work transforming your messaging and marketing with words that engage.

  • 3 Sit back and relax

    Enjoy the success you've worked so hard for while your business thrives

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