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StoryBrand Case Study

StoryBrand Marketing Services delivered:

Final Logo 27th July 2020 copy

Why did you call STORY22?

I was looking for a new approach to prospecting during the pandemic as much of my business model had been based around face to face meetings. My website was in need of an upgrade and after reading Building A StoryBrand I could see there were opportunities to clarify my message on the website to reach people more effectively.


How did we demonstrate that we understood your problem?

I knew on our first call I would work with you. You displayed huge empathy for my situation and a genuine understanding of the position I found myself in. At the same time, you wanted to know more about me and my business, you sought to understand and reassure that it was fixable. Figuring out my messaging was daunting but you made the whole experience a pleasant one.

Why did you trust us to solve your problem?

You were instantly believable and credible. I loved the way you asked questions and provided ideas and potential solutions. I knew I couldn’t afford to get the next step wrong and could immediately see with you there was no chance that I was going to get it wrong. Authentic, believable, professional and reassuring is how I'd describe our first interaction.

'I am truly blown away by what you do – I can’t shout about you enough'

Scott McKenzie Consultancy

What surprised you about working with STORY22?

The speed of progress was a genuine surprise. What I thought would take months, took days or weeks at worst. All deadlines were met (often not the case in my experience with others) and work delivered was exactly as specified. My thoughts and feedback were genuinely welcomed. Everything was solution-based and outcomes-focused. There was a genuine warmth and care about me and my business.

What does life look like now?

A year after my first contact with STORY22, in the midst of a pandemic, I have enjoyed one of my busiest years yet. I have had a 100% record with proposals - 9 out of 9 accepted. I am working on exciting new projects to take my business to the next level which would not have happened otherwise.


  • New website with clear messaging that’s designed to convert interest
  • 9 out of 9 ‘StoryBranded’ proposals accepted
  • Signed my first 6-figure contract + same again in additional sales
  • Developed my ‘Mastermind’ course to generate passive income
  • LinkedIn engagement up by 8,333%
  • Confidence maxed!

WOW - if anyone ever doubts your abilities ladies please feel free to refer them to me! 😊

Many thanks again. You really are SUPERSTARS

Scott McKenzie Consultancy

One of Scott’s biggest challenges was communicating to two very different audiences through one website. If you’d like to find out how we can help you create a clear and compelling website that people will want to read, schedule a call today.