StoryBrand Case Study

StoryBranded Services delivered:

Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Service and Installation in Nashville, TN, USA

About Kuhn Air Conditioning

Kuhn AC is a family run heating, ventilation and air conditioning repair, service and installation company that services homes across Nashville. Despite investing in a new website in recent years the business was not happy with the number of leads they were generating and participated in the StoryBrand Livestream workshop before contracting our marketing services.

Why did you contact STORY22?

We attended the StoryBrand Livestream Workshop to gain insight into how to create a clear message for our services. Despite recently investing in a new website, we weren’t seeing the return that we’d hoped for, so we started to explore how we could improve our marketing.

Working with STORY22

After coaching them through the live stream work we helped create a clear message so people knew what they did, and why residents of Nashville should choose their service over other contractors. We then developed a new website for them which offered an improved customer experience.

Within just a few weeks of the new site going live client needed to recruit three new members of staff to cope with unprecedented demand for their services.

“STORY22 offered strategic marketing advice and helped us to create a clear message that communicates the value we bring to our customers. Then they quickly helped us to build a new website. Soon after our enquiries were off the hook and we had to expand our team. They are very knowledgeable about all areas of marketing and always offer sound advice. We would highly recommend STORY22 to anyone struggling to make their marketing work for them. “

Ed Kuhn - Kuhn Air Conditioning

How did STORY22 demonstrate that they understood your problem?

We were coached by Julie Firth, one of STORY22’s certified StoryBrand Guides throughout the LiveStream Workshop and that was a really positive experience. We were struggling to find a way to make sure our website was set up for all our different clients and the livestream coaching helped us create a really clear message that would make sense to everyone, no matter what service they were looking for. STORY22 provided a follow-up call to help implement our BrandScript and that helped answer lots of questions we had around all aspects of our marketing, how to best measure success and where we should be investing – to achieve our goals.

Why did you trust STORY22 with your website design, build and StoryBranded copywriting?

Julie and Sonya were very knowledgeable and helped us understand what we needed to do with our website to get the most out of it. They also came up with lots of ideas that we could build into our marketing strategy so it could be more effective.

What surprised you about working with STORY22?

The speed and quality of the work was outstanding. Sonya and Julie were able to turn around a 26-page website in just 4 weeks. It looks smart and reads really clearly now. The pages are organised in a way that makes absolute sense and prompt people to contact us. The whole experience was enjoyable, we had ample opportunity to provide feedback and make changes and they communicated clearly with us at every stage. We felt like they really cared about our success.

What does life look like now?

We’ve had great feedback from our clients on the website and just a few weeks after it launched we are having to hire more staff to cope with the demand for our technicians! We’ve contracted STORY22 to do additional work for us since and have enjoyed working with them.


  • New website with clear messaging that’s designed to secure bookings
  • Spike in bookings for service technicians
  • Increase in time spent on site
  • Optimism for the future!

Like many businesses, Kuhn AC’s old website focused on their service rather than communicating in a way that placed the customer at the centre of the story. We helped them to develop clear messaging that addressed their customers’ problems directly and clearly demonstrated why Kuhn AC are the right people to provide the solution. Kuhn AC clearly delivers an excellent customer experience, the problem was, people couldn’t immediately see the value their team offers. Once that was obvious, bookings increased. If you’d like to find out how we can help you create a clear and compelling website that people will want to read, schedule a call today.