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StoryBrand Case Study


Coin Trader, North Carolina


StoryBrand Marketing Services delivered:

Coin Trader, North Carolina

Why They Got in Touch

Coinfully, a pioneering US coin dealer, has revolutionised the coin appraisal process with their innovative virtual coin appraisal service. Aimed at simplifying valuations for their customers, Coinfully seeks to eliminate the need for physical visits to a coin shop. As a startup eager to establish a strong online presence and connect effectively with their audience, they turned to STORY22 for guidance. Their goal was to refine their brand messaging, enhance their website content, and develop a robust digital marketing strategy that included SEO, social media, and targeted email campaigns. Coinfully’s challenge was to build a trusted brand that resonated with coin collectors and sellers, driving sales and generating significant online engagement.

How STORY22 Approached the Challenge

Embracing Coinfully’s ambitious vision, STORY22 embarked on a comprehensive strategy to amplify their online impact. Our journey began with a StoryBrand Livestream workshop, where we laid the groundwork for Coinfully’s brand messaging, ensuring it spoke directly to their target audience’s needs and aspirations. This refined messaging was then integrated into their website content, establishing a clear and compelling online narrative.

Over two years, STORY22 spearheaded Coinfully’s digital advertising, SEO, and content strategies, enhancing their visibility across multiple channels. Our team crafted and executed two highly effective lead generators, coupled with email campaigns that built a thriving community of over 10,000 prospects. These efforts culminated in substantial sales growth, underscored by regular email outreach that consistently delivered results.

STORY22 played a pivotal role in Coinfully’s PR campaigns, securing coveted industry coverage that further elevated their brand. Through strategic planning and execution, we ensured that Coinfully’s innovative services earned the trust they deserved, reinforcing their position as a leader in the numismatic industry.

"STORY22 has proven to be an invaluable guide on our journey to establish our position in the marketplace. They have always been there with ideas and strategies to keep us energised and on track. We have by far surpassed our goals in the time we have worked together and this can be directly attributed to the committed and customer-focused approach to the way STORY22 works."

Travis McDonald, Chief Executive Officer of Coinfully

What surprised you about working with STORY22?

We were particularly impressed with the way STORY22 was able to integrate our StoryBrand messaging into every aspect of our marketing. We also really valued the strategic approach they take to marketing, looking at everything with a high-level view to help us understand the impact of our marketing taking a more integrated approach. And they were fun to work with too!

Life after STORY22’s intervention:

Our partnership with STORY22 has laid a solid foundation for Coinfully’s growth, enabling us to communicate effectively with our target audience across multiple marketing channels. This strategic clarity and enhanced digital presence has enabled us to expand our client base way beyond initial expectations, setting a new benchmark for business success and we move forward.

Outcomes achieved:

Over the course of our nearly three-year collaboration with STORY22, Coinfully has seen a significant transformation in our digital marketing and online presence. The outcomes of this partnership are:

  • A redesigned website, now more functional and engaging, thanks to the integration of StoryBrand
  • Enhanced customer engagement achieved through strategically developed and automated email marketing campaigns
  • A strengthened industry position from a start-up in 2021
  • The production of compelling blog content reinforcing Coinfully's position as a market disruptor
  • Remarkable improvements in SEO, including significant visibility across key search terms
  • Profits hitting yearly targets during the first 6 months of the year

Coinfully’s experience underscores the transformative impact of clear messaging and strategic marketing support. Our tailored approach not only enhanced Coinfully’s digital presence but also significantly contributed to their operational success. If you want to clarify your messaging, optimise your digital platforms, and achieve measurable growth, get in touch to discuss how we can support you with this.