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Certified StoryBrand Guides

What is a StoryBrand Guide?

StoryBrand Guides create marketing for you using the StoryBrand marketing framework which is proven to grow your business.
STORY22 founders Sonya and Julie are both StoryBrand guides who have gone through intensive StoryBrand training with Donald Miller, Dr JJ Peterson and Koula Callahan, in person.
We know how to create clear content, a marketing plan and key marketing assets that will grow your business.
We know the StoryBrand marketing framework inside out so when we do your brand messaging, web development, social media advertising, search engine optimisation etc your investment will be more effective and your business will grow.

The StoryBrand Framework is a paradigm-shifting approach to connecting with customers that provides the ultimate advantage, revealing the secret to helping customers understand the benefits of using your products, ideas or services.

Donald Miller, from the book Building a StoryBrand

How can a StoryBrand Guide help?

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A lot of businesses need help - and some may not even realise it. They may have an in-house marketing team who've simply just carried on doing what has been done in the past or be a small business owner too bogged down with all the other tasks to have time to review their sales strategy. And before you know it the problem creeps up without anyone noticing.
Yet without a robust plan to generate new leads, your business is skating on thin ice. And lead generation is just one problem of many that most businesses face. But a lot of businesses don't have the expertise to identify the problem and formulate an effective plan to overcome that and achieve success. A StoryBrand Guide can save you both time and money over hiring a full-time staff member to do this for you.
However, not all marketing professionals are the same. Most can create a plan, introduce an owner to strategies which sound impressive but can be confusing and cost a whole lot of money if executed poorly.
StoryBrand Guides can help business - and non-profits - large and small. Put simply, if your organisation uses words for marketing, then the StoryBrand approach will work for you.

Marketing consultant v StoryBrand Guide

So what's the difference between a marketing consultant and a StoryBrand Guide?

Marketing Consultant

Hiring an external marketing consultant  you know you can trust to help you achieve your vision can a minefield to navigate.
There are so many 'experts' out there all specialising in different aspects of marketing it can be difficult to know who you can trust to get the job done.
A marketing consultant should have specialist knowledge (and qualifications and experience to prove it) in providing marketing solutions using marketing tools, tactics and strategies to achieve the desired result. But often they provide a superficial fix to a much deeper problem.
Non-certified StoryBrand Guides often fail to recognise and resolve the real issue - a confusing marketing message that's driving potential customers into the hands of your competition. 

Your StoryBrand Guide

Your StoryBrand Guide, on the other hand, starts with the foundations - your company’s message.
Your Guide will work with you to clarify your message so website visitors are not confused, don't waste energy trying to work out what your business does. Meaning they hang around for longer to learn how great you are and why they should do business with you.
We all use a specific story-based formula, scientifically proven to keep brains engaged for longer. (Information delivered in story form is 22 times more likely to be recalled than facts alone!)
StoryBrand Guides all have different skills and some, like Story22, can help with all aspects of your marketing. It's important to find the right Guide for your business.
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