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StoryBrand Case Study

NJP Solicitors 

England and Wales


StoryBranded Services delivered:

Family law solicitors registered in England and Wales

About NJP Solicitors

Operating in England and Wales, NJP Solicitors are skilled Family Law solicitors dedicated to delivering the best outcomes for their clients.

Their team's expertise and drive has enabled them to handle a wide range of family-related legal disputes, from divorce and financial remedy to domestic violence and care proceedings. NJP’s reputation has set them apart as the go-to specialists in Family Law.

How STORY22 Helped

NJP wanted a StoryBrand Guide that could revamp their website and support their digital marketing. We undertook a comprehensive digital marketing review and overhauled their entire website, implementing our tried and tested website wireframe and revising key elements of the copy to focus on the customer experience.   

“Thanks for all your hard work. I’m very grateful to you for going the extra mile to ensure things runs smoothly. I’m really pleased with everything you guys have done for me.” 

Natalie Moore – NJP Solicitors 

Like many businesses, NJP’s old website focused on the details of their service rather than communicating in a way that placed the customer at the centre of the story.

We collaborated with NJP to craft a new approach, centred around clear and customer-centric messaging that got to the heart of customers’ greatest concerns. By directly addressing these needs and showcasing NJP as a compassionate, thorough and reliable legal practice. 

We highlighted their commitment to delivering an exceptional customer experience. This key messaging was then implemented throughout their digital advertising which delivered impactful results for the client. If you’d like to find out how we can help you create a clear and captivating website that people will want to read, schedule a call today.