Barney Jones, STORY22 Apprentice

STORY22 welcomes new Working Knowledge apprentice, Barney!

Our team is growing – again!

Having a hand in helping to train the next generation of savvy digital marketers has been an important focus for STORY22 since our inception over 3 years ago. From the off we’ve seen just how beneficial working with apprentices can be, for apprentices and businesses alike!

This passion for helping young minds get a head start in what is an increasingly competitive industry is one of the reasons why both of our Co-Founders, Julie and Sonya, are associate trainers at the Working Knowledge Digital Marketing Apprenticeship Academy – an academy that trains its apprentices using the tried and tested StoryBrand Framework as a core part of its curriculum.

Teaching the next gen using StoryBrand principles

Like us at STORY22, The Bristol-based academy has recognised the immense power of the StoryBrand Framework in garnering success for businesses, and their training team boasts a host of successful practising marketing consultants and three certified StoryBrand Guides – two of which are STORY22’s founders – Julie, who leads the Website Design, Lead Magnets & Email Marketing module, and Sonya who leads the SEO module.

The 17-month digital marketing apprenticeship programme empowers participants to learn new skills under the guidance of their trainers at the academy, while integrating these skills directly into their respective workplaces. Apprentices have their own tasks at work, giving them vital experience in the working world, all with the support of their trainers and employers.

As Working Knowledge trainers, Sonya and Julie have seen first hand just how impactful apprentices following this programme can be, so we’re thrilled to be welcoming an apprentice of our own to the team!

Welcome to Barney – our new Working Knowledge Apprentice!

Enter stage right, Barney – our newest team member!

Barney was looking for a career change after working in community management, which led him to Working Knowledge. He was looking for a more professional role, so the apprenticeship was the best option for him to gain on-the-job experience in a busy working environment.

Upon joining STORY22, Barney said: “As a new apprentice in the world of marketing, I’m thrilled to embrace the art of storytelling with the StoryBrand Framework. Starting this apprenticeship is an exciting new chapter in my marketing journey, and I’m looking forward to learning the ins and outs of running a successful business.”

Co-founder of STORY22 Sonya Whittam said: “Choosing the right person to fill this position wasn’t a quick choice as there are so many skilled applicants at Working Knowledge. We wanted to choose someone who is as passionate about storytelling as we are and is up for the challenge of working in a fast-paced environment. We’re sure he will be an asset to the team.”

We are really excited to be working with Barney and using his talents to help our clients get the results they need for their business.”

When not working or studying, Barney can be found brushing up on his Harry Potter trivia! Welcome to the team Barney!