STORY22 Signs Up To Fair Contract Charter

Your website is the cornerstone of your marketing, and it should be the most effective salesperson on your team, working around the clock to drive your business forward.

But websites are complicated to self-manage. So businesses are beholden to website agencies to develop and then maintain their site. And when you’re outsourcing such a vital part of your business operation, you need to trust your web developer to deliver your website on time, with it working precisely as you need it.

At STORY22, we pride ourselves on providing no-hassle, cost-effective web development to a high standard. But we know from our customers’ past experiences this often isn’t the case elsewhere.

Rising number of complaints against web developers reported

Fair Contract Associates – a contract review and dispute resolution service – has seen an increasing number of businesses approach them for support to challenge website and marketing contracts in recent months.

Fair Contracts CEO Chas Jordan said: “Complaints ranged from exorbitant admin fees, unlawful contract terms and conditions to escalating project costs for one website that had yet to be viewed even in draft form 7 months after kick-off and tens of thousands of £££s down the line.”

He said: “When businesses sign up to any service, whether it’s a new website, marketing or leasing office equipment they have a right to know exactly what they are signing up to and what the expectations are for project delivery. The problem is, there are a lot of firms out there whose terms and conditions are not clear and they offer the client no clarity on what they are committing to.

I’ve seen clients hand over literally tens of thousands of pounds for projects that fail to materialise while their business suffers in the meantime.”

Common website complaints include:

  • The website isn’t working, and no one is available to fix it.
  • The client has no access to the back end or to Google analytics.
  • The project fees are significantly increased part way through website build without any change to the scope.
  • Website development is delayed for many weeks without explanation.
  • The business has paid a fortune for a site that doesn’t do what they want it to do.
  • The customer is trapped in an expensive website maintenance contract, and little, if any, work is ever done to update it.

Fair Contract Charter Aims To Highlight Good Practice

Fair Contract Associates is working hard to stamp out bad practice like this. It has even introduced a Fair Contract Charter for businesses to pledge their commitment to providing clients with fair contract terms and conditions.

And STORY22 is the first marketing and web development agency in the UK to sign up to the charter and become a Fair Contract Approved Supplier.

So what does this mean for our clients?

Signing up to the Fair Contract Charter means a contract expert has fully vetted our contract terms and conditions to ensure the terms you sign up to are always fair and transparent.

STORY22 Co-owner Sonya Whittam said: “Our business is founded on offering honest and effective marketing solutions for our clients, so we were delighted to sign up to the charter. Our clients must have complete confidence when they contract our services to have peace of mind we’ll look after their best interests. We encourage other marketing and web development agencies to sign up to the charter too.”

If you’re looking for an honest marketing agency that is genuinely invested in your success, schedule a call today and find out how STORY22 can support you.