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Should I be marketing my business on Threads?

With an ‘@’ logo reminiscent of Twitter, Threads is Meta’s bold response to the world of microblogging.

Within the first few hours of its launch on 5 July, Threads garnered 5m user registrations and within less than a week at least 100 million people had signed up for the app. But, three weeks later, active daily use or the number of users who engage with the site on a daily basis, has dropped from a peak of 49 million on 7 July to 12 million on 22 July, according to Similarweb.

So, is it worth getting involved?

As with any business decision, it’s crucial to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages before getting involved. Your time is valuable, and you don’t want to squander it. How can you determine if it’s worth your energy?

While building an audience on yet another social media site may seem daunting, Threads does offer a game-changing advantage: seamless integration and connectivity with your Instagram followers. Say goodbye to the uphill struggle of starting from scratch.

Here are some of the highlights of using Threads so you can make an informed decision on whether Threads is worth the investment of time.

Benefit from getting in early:

Many companies with a substantial following on platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, or YouTube will attest to the advantages of starting early. They have a valid point. At the beginning of any social media platform, the primary goal is to attract as many users as possible. Consequently, your content will receive priority over advertisements, resulting in huge impressions and engagement rates.

Experiment with a new channel:

If you find yourself growing tired of Instagram reels or uncertain about the success of your LinkedIn articles, Threads could be the right fit for you. This is your chance to experiment on the platform and explore new possibilities. Signing up, diving in, and seeing what works for you will allow you to determine the way forward.

Nothing to lose:

As a leader seeking business growth, you understand that growth can manifest unexpectedly. It doesn’t always stem from new networks or introductions; sometimes, it arises from chance encounters with customers. If you’re eager for new business and have a bit of time to spare, taking the leap and signing up could be worthwhile. Just be prepared and acknowledge that it may not yield results, but there is nothing to lose from trying.

Threads is attracting attention online right now, but it has the potential of failing like Clubhouse did. In 2020, Clubhouse was launched and gained 10 million users in 2021. At its peak, the app was bustling with entrepreneurs networking, hosting panels, and meeting new people.

However, Clubhouse’s active user base has declined, and the platform has undergone several pivots. Threads could potentially follow a similar trajectory, although it is already making updates to features to try to win back users. It recently announced a new feature, “Send on Instagram,” which allows a Threads user to share a thread to Instagram DMs (direct messages) via the app’s Send button. This then encourages the recipient to reopen Threads if their usage has been dwindling or to sign up for an account.

While Threads still offers an opportunity, its decline in users should be monitored in order to weigh whether Threads is worthwhile for your business now or just a distraction from your core goals where energy is better spent. Only time will tell.

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