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Too often, business owners and marketers try to advance their search rankings using agents who rely on poor technical SEO tactics and keyword-stuffed content that doesn’t put your prospects first. So when prospects land on your site they end up confused rather than engaged by your content. Your SEO efforts should never be at the expense of a clear and compelling brand story. We’ll help you rise in the rankings with a smart story-centric SEO strategy that never compromises clear brand messaging. 

Our website has never generated an organic lead in years of being online. In less than four weeks of our new website going live we’ve already had a valuable enquiry come through.

JL – Apprenticeship Academy Managing Director

SEO that amplifies your engagement,
not just your rankings

Our holistic approach to SEO strategy and implementation goes beyond algorithms and search bots. We integrate your unique brand narrative into a tailored SEO strategy that includes comprehensive audits, identifying niche opportunities, strategic keyword deployment, and targeted backlink building. We ensure your website is not just search engine-friendly, but also customer-focused, improving your search result ranking with compelling content that’ll turn casual browsers into loyal customers. 

Combining powerful brand storytelling
with SEO mastery

Too often businesses waste money on SEO practice that promises fast results and fails to deliver long-term success. At STORY22, we’re not about the shortcuts that meet the metrics but fail to deliver desired outcomes. We work with clients on a long-term strategy (minimum of six months) that is designed to attract those most likely to buy from you. We utilise all elements of SEO and combine our work with the power of the compelling StoryBrand framework to achieve significant ranking success 

Finally, a transparent SEO process you
can have confidence in

SEO may be complex, but that shouldn’t mean you ever feel in the dark about the work being carried out. STORY22 will guide you through the process so you have complete clarity. We'll show you the roadmap, explain every route we take, and ensure you never feel like you’re not in control. No hidden tricks or smoke and mirrors here. With regular dashboard updates you'll have a front-row seat to watch your online presence improve, know exactly where you stand and how your money is being spent. 

Scalable SEO services to meet
your growing needs

We will work with you to review your business and SEO. Based on this research, we will then deliver a bespoke data-driven SEO strategy to maximise the organic search potential of your business.   

Audit: Full SEO and website audit, including competitor analysis. 

Error correction: Actions to address any errors showing on your current website

Tagging strategy: Deployment of SEO-related tags throughout your website  for improved signposting and user understanding.

Backlinks (off-site SEO): Monitoring, acquiring and maintaining your backlink profile to ensure quality external links from reputable websites and boost the authority of your website domain. 

Google My Business: Management of your Google My Business (GMB) account a critical element of a local SEO strategy.  

On-page SEO: Creation and improvement of key landing pages as needed to improve searchability. 

SEO keyword strategy: Identifying and optimising keywords that align with your business, locations and services and offer the greatest chance to improve website visibility. 

Internal link building: Identifying opportunities to build internal links throughout to improve customer experience and boost SEO.  

Blog writing and case studies: Boost SEO with carefully worded value-packed content that sets you out as the expert in your field while signposting people to your website. 

FAQs: Using the latest insights to guide us, we’ll create key FAQs for your website that drive website traffic to your site by answering the most-asked questions about your products and services and positioning you as the obvious solution to your customers’ problems.  

  • 1 Discover & Plan - First, we’ll review your current SEO status, uncover hidden opportunities, and sketch out a robust roadmap to improve your ranking.
  • 2 Optimise & Shine- Next, we roll up our sleeves to give your SEO a makeover. We tidy up SEO errors, and make your online space is working in your favour.
  • 3 Expand & Conquer - We’ll roll out your roadmap and expand your digital footprint, with a targeted strategy that’ll cast a wider net to reel in your most valuable online prospects.

Ready to harness the power of story-centric SEO?

When you partner with STORY22 for SEO services, you:

Gain a
competitive edge

with a local SEO strategy that dominates your target market

Create a magnetic online presence

that attracts and engages your ideal customers

Connect better with your audience

through targeted keyword strategy and compelling content

Drive organic

and boost your search engine rankings

Enjoy the peace of mind

that comes with the transparent practices of seasoned SEO experts

Your customers deserve better – and so does your business

Standing still is not an option – your competitors won't wait. And no one wants to waste valuable resources on SEO that delivers a poor experience for your customers. Schedule a call today to ensure your prospects find you at the top, where they’ll discover engaging and compelling content that’ll keep them coming back for more. In the meantime request your free SEO review to find out how what’s really working - and what isn’t. It's time to make your digital mark, engage your audience, and enjoy online success.

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