PR – Why Your Public Image Matters

Building your profile and reputation and promoting your products and services can be a daunting and baffling prospect, but getting your marketing mix right will put you firmly on the map and send sales soaring.

The image you present to the public can be the difference between customers choosing you over a competitor to do business with. But how do you make sure it’s you who gets the call?

A carefully planned strategy that combines marketing with resources such as PR, SEO and social media can make the difference between success and failure. So what does the perfect strategy look like, and is it the same for everyone?

Sadly there’s no one-size-fits-all solution, but a clear and targeted approach that engages with your audience can pay dividends. And that’s where PR can play its part…


So what is PR and why is it important?


PR stands for public relations, and it represents your relationship with potential customers. PR shapes your image and generates positive publicity, whether it’s via social media, blogs, web stories or press releases.  PR is what you do to convince people that you’re reputable and trustworthy, building a positive public image and keeping you in the public eye.

PR works best when it complements a marketing strategy, with consistent themes and messaging throughout. But sometimes a single, quirky, stand-alone piece of PR can grab attention and put you in the spotlight. It’s all about understanding your audience and doing the right thing at the right time.

We are subliminally exposed to PR every day of our lives, and many of the world’s biggest brands are skilled at getting into our heads without us even realising.


Incredible PR stunts the big guns have used to raise their profile…


High-end motor manufacturer Tesla sent a roadster car into space in 2018 on a SpaceX rocket ship, thanks to billionaire Elon Musk owning both firms. The unforgettable image of a car floating in space firmly planted Tesla in our minds as an exciting, out-of-this-world brand.

But it doesn’t always take an out-of-this-world stunt to catch people’s attention…

KFC is renowned for smart, reactive PR and marketing. During the COVID-19 outbreak, it cleverly announced it had shelved the slogan  ‘finger-lickin’ good’ due to rigorous new handwashing and sanitising procedures, capitalising on a topical issue and gaining coverage on the BBC and other news channels.


When should you use PR?


So how do you know how and when to use PR to put your business on the map and get the results you deserve? When do you need a press release? Or a Twitter campaign? Or maybe you need a bit of everything…

At STORY22 we cut through the jargon and guide you through the maze, creating the magical mix that will send sales soaring.

We’ll show you how to get the perfect marketing strategy (link to our strategy page), and how clear and compelling PR messaging will talk to your target audience, building your profile and growing sales.

To discover how PR can put your name on the map, schedule a call with STORY22. We’ll help raise your profile and deliver tangible business results so you can nurture trust and inspire the people that matter to your organisation.

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