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Our immersive Business On A Mission workshop simplifies the process of creating a powerful mission statement and guiding principles for your leadership



your team

Fuel organisational


Without a clear mission,
your people - and your business – will be lost

When you’re busy hustling every day, it’s easy to lose sight of the bigger picture. Leaders struggle to articulate a clear mission, vision and values statement that resonates with their team and guides their collective efforts. But without these guiding principles, your business risks running adrift, lacking purpose, driving down productivity and damaging staff morale. No leader wants to be responsible for hampering growth. Setting a clear strategy and objectives to guide your people should be easy - our workshop makes sure it is.

“After the workshop delivered by STORY22, I feel part of the whole team and not just my department.

Mission Statement Workshop Participant From Noble Events

Are you ready to lead with intention and impact?

Imagine having a mission that’s not just a collection of inspired words that everyone’s forgotten five minutes after they read it – rather a mission that becomes a real driving force for progress.

With Business On A Mission, you’ll not only define your mission. Your workshop facilitator will also drill down into your values and vision to establish a set of guiding principles that unite participants around a common purpose, and align each member in their actions and aspirations.

The end result?

Teams that are fired up with new ideas, goals that are clearly communicated, and productivity that is soaring. This is the power of a compelling mission and purpose - guiding principles that are more than words, they become the heartbeat of your company.

Easy-to-follow actionable tools to define your mission,
your people and your actions

Our transformative mission statement workshop equips you with tools to make the brainstorming process clear – and easy. By following a simple framework, you’ll quickly get to the core of your organisation’s identity and purpose and understand what your mission is, when and how you'll achieve it and by whom. We'll help you craft a mission statement that is meaningful and tangible so that your people know exactly why it matters and how your mission can be achieved. Then we'll help you understand the attributes your team need to possess to achieve it, as well as the critical actions they should embody every day to drive the mission forward.

The Business on a Mission Framework includes

  • A deadline-driven mission statement formula for creating an impactful mission statement
  • The common key characteristics every member of the team needs in order to achieve the mission
  • Critical, repeatable actions each team member should do without question to drive the mission forward

You’ll leave with meaningful and memorable guiding principles that will:

  • Create alignment and unity throughout your organisation
  • Increase engagement with your team
  • Help you identify opportunities for personal development and recruit better talent
  • Motivate and energise your workforce so they become effortlessly more productive

This bespoke workshop for business leaders and leadership teams can be delivered virtually or face-to-face. Each participant will receive an easy-to-follow workbook to help guide them through the framework and support the brainstorming process. Many organisations choose to combine this mission statement workshop with our brand messaging workshop. You can find out more about that here.

Ready to harness the power of a memorable mission statement that actually makes sense?

  • 1 Schedule your workshop - Choose a convenient date and time for your Business On A Mission workshop and tell us about any challenges you have so we can create a bespoke programme for your team.
  • 2 Get the clarity your need - Participate in your tailored workshop, where you’ll dive deep into your organisation’s purpose, goals and guiding principles.
  • 3 Implement your insights - We'll give you ideas for implementation so you know how to apply your guiding principles to align your teams and transform your organisation’s culture and performance.

Ready to get your organisation on track?

Don’t settle for ambiguity. Your team and your organisation deserve better. Finding clarity in the chaos of business doesn’t have to feel difficult to achieve. Schedule a call today to book your Business On A Mission workshop where you’ll create a clear path to actionable guiding principles that will boost engagement with your team, help your leadership guide your people effectively and improve execution throughout.

Frequently asked questions on our mission statement workshop

Our workshop is designed to unite your team under a shared mission, that incorporates your vision, and values, fuelling organisational growth and boosting productivity through clarity and purpose. 

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