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Congratulations to competition winners

The Jigsaw Trust and RSPCA Canterbury & District win specialist marketing support for 2021

Two ‘ambitious’ charities have been selected to receive specialist story marketing support from STORY22 throughout 2021 after the Kent-based marketing agency ran a competition throughout December. Animal rescue service RSPCA Canterbury and District and the Jigsaw Trust, which raises awareness and supports people affected by autism, were selected from entries received from charities across London and the south east to…

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LinkedIn – Guide To Growing Your Business Fast

Building your business network takes time and effort. And when you’ve all your other business responsibilities to juggle it can often get put on the back burner – even though you know it’s essential. LinkedIn can be one of the most effective ways to grow your audience – particularly if you’re in the B2B sector – if you know how…

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Mastering Your Marketing For Free
– Competition for Charities

2020 has been exceptionally tough for charities everywhere. And marketing can be complicated to master when your resources and staffing are limited. At STORY22 we want to do our little bit to help our vulnerable communities where we can. We have therefore decided to select two charities to take part in our 12-month Mastering Your Marketing programme which will run…

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The Million-Pound Question You Need To Ask

‘How you doin?’ This phrase, synonymous with Joey from ‘Friends’, was often heard uttered in the character’s quest to land yet another new love interest. And lucky-in-love Joey found his catchphrase never failed to lure the ladies. Making sure you’ve nailed the right line when you want someone to take notice is just as important for your website as it…

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What is StoryBrand?

Too many businesses waste time and money driving leads to their website without getting the foundations of their marketing right first – their message. It’s pointless throwing your resources into marketing and just hoping something will stick. To get ahead of your competition and achieve your goals, you need a strategy you can rely on to work. Otherwise, you’re simply…

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PR – Why Your Public Image Matters

Building your profile and reputation and promoting your products and services can be a daunting and baffling prospect, but getting your marketing mix right will put you firmly on the map and send sales soaring. The image you present to the public can be the difference between customers choosing you over a competitor to do business with. But how do…

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5 Reasons Your Website Needs SEO

  Every website needs SEO (search engine optimisation) to perform well in search engine results. SEO helps your business to grow, especially when combined with other digital marketing techniques.    Businesses often struggle to get their websites seen by their target audience, meaning they miss out on sales. SEO helps organisations to be seen. But SEO isn’t straightforward, and it…

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Storybrand customer testimonals

Why Your ‘Brilliant’ Testimonials Are Worthless

Nothing beats that feeling when you receive a glowing testimonial from a client. Reading the words ‘Jackie is brilliant!’ gives Jackie a glowing feeling inside for sure. But just how useful will it be to attract new clients? Testimonials can be a powerful way to on board new customers. But they’re an often overlooked in a marketing strategy.  Either that…

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StoryBrand Guides UK

StoryBrand – Why We Love It.

Many businesses and non-profits waste time and money on their marketing by failing to clarify their message. Your brand message forms the foundation of everything you project – get that wrong and the value of every penny you spend after that is compromised. The StoryBrand Framework is a tried and tested messaging tool that allows organisations to create a clear,…

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