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Using the Power of Story in Marketing

Everybody loves a good story. When we think about how much time and money we spend at the movies or curled up with a book we can’t put down, we realise just how much stories are an integral part of our lives. That’s not to mention the stories we tell our friends around a glass of something about “that one…

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Opening a story loop without clarity can be dangerous

This last week we have seen endless queues at fuel pumps across the UK, painting a grim picture of how leaving an open story loop without clarity can be seriously damaging. By announcing to the nation an HGV driver shortage, a supply chain shortage or other varying descriptions of what the current situation is, official announcements fell short of offering…

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How To Grow Your Business With An Effective Lead Generator Strategy.

Many clients that approach STORY22 for marketing support have already established their business, so their brand looks great, their websites are generating traffic, and they are making sales – it should feel great, shouldn’t it? But there is one niggling concern: how do they grow their business and take it to the next level? The answer, put simply, is to…

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How To Build A Social Media Following

We know that social media is a great way to communicate, amplify your message and help build your brand. The problem is learning how to build a social media following and great content that engages the right audience, and it’s not always easy! One of the biggest misconceptions about social media is that you have to have a big following…

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Marketing mades simple podcast

Marketing Made Simple Podcast Promises To Help Grow Your Business

The podcast world is awash with offerings of the best business and marketing tips but, finally, there’s a compelling, tip-packed podcast that cuts through the noise and natter to focus on straight-talking, practical advice that will help grow your business. Marketing Made Simple is the latest offering from the StoryBrand stable – hot on the heels of the hugely successful…

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Why You Need A Private StoryBrand Workshop

Does this sound familiar to you? People just don’t seem to understand what it is you do. Your marketing feels like a waste of money Your sales team can’t differentiate your products in the marketplace And, try as you might, you just cannot get buy in from colleagues on your ideas It’s so frustrating when this happens. When we’re not…

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Give away your knowledge

Why giving away your expertise for free is good for business

What’s in it for you? This question’s popped up a lot lately after we launched a competition to offer a year’s free marketing to two charities. And our response was often met with more than a hint of disbelief that we could possibly be doing this purely for good. Surely we were trying to get something out of this? Sorry…

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Congratulations to competition winners

The Jigsaw Trust and RSPCA Canterbury & District win specialist marketing support for 2021

Two ‘ambitious’ charities have been selected to receive specialist story marketing support from STORY22 throughout 2021 after the Kent-based marketing agency ran a competition throughout December. Animal rescue service RSPCA Canterbury and District and the Jigsaw Trust, which raises awareness and supports people affected by autism, were selected from entries received from charities across London and the south east to…

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LinkedIn – Guide To Growing Your Business Fast

Building your business network takes time and effort. And when you’ve all your other business responsibilities to juggle it can often get put on the back burner – even though you know it’s essential. LinkedIn can be one of the most effective ways to grow your audience – particularly if you’re in the B2B sector – if you know how…

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Mastering Your Marketing For Free
– Competition for Charities

2020 has been exceptionally tough for charities everywhere. And marketing can be complicated to master when your resources and staffing are limited. At STORY22 we want to do our little bit to help our vulnerable communities where we can. We have therefore decided to select two charities to take part in our 12-month Mastering Your Marketing programme which will run…

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The Million-Pound Question You Need To Ask

‘How you doin?’ This phrase, synonymous with Joey from ‘Friends’, was often heard uttered in the character’s quest to land yet another new love interest. And lucky-in-love Joey found his catchphrase never failed to lure the ladies. Making sure you’ve nailed the right line when you want someone to take notice is just as important for your website as it…

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What is StoryBrand?

Too many businesses waste time and money driving leads to their website without getting the foundations of their marketing right first – their message. It’s pointless throwing your resources into marketing and just hoping something will stick. To get ahead of your competition and achieve your goals, you need a strategy you can rely on to work. Otherwise, you’re simply…

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