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Benefits of remote working

The benefits of flexible working for teams and clients  

Constant office life can certainly stifle creativity – a significant problem when you’re tasked with providing creative and compelling marketing to businesses across the globe! Which is why we prefer giving our team the freedom to work from where they feel most inspired – whether that’s a coffee shop or a beach in Thailand!   The…

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The importance of a one-liner for your business

Have you ever wondered why some businesses stick in your mind, while others fade into oblivion? It’s usually not about what they offer, but what they say and how they say it. That’s where the magic of a one-liner comes into play – a tool that might seem simple but packs a powerful punch.  What…

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STORY22 Proud Sponsors of the BizX Forum and Awards in Liverpool 

Being in business can be a rollercoaster ride – whether you’re struggling to maintain effective marketing, having trouble adapting to changing consumer behaviours and trends, or finding it hard to recruit and retain talent. The challenges can feel relentless.   One surefire way to ease some of these challenges is to nail how you communicate –…

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How to create an impactful mission statement

The Power of a Clear Mission Statement We’re regularly told that a clear mission statement is important – in fact critical to driving our businesses forward. A powerful mission statement serves as a ‘guiding light’ for an organisation, it aligns team members around a common purpose and inspires them to buy into and achieve your…

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Is Influencer Marketing really worth it?

Businesses face an ever-evolving challenge: how to effectively market their products and services to an audience that is constantly bombarded with advertisements and content in real time. You want to spend your marketing budget wisely, not whittle it away on avenues that bring little return. The problem is that today’s tech-savvy consumers are increasingly drawn…

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STORY22 marks 4th Birthday by becoming a StoryBrand Certified Agency

This week we celebrate our 4th birthday with some exciting news! The last 12 months have gone by in a flash as we’ve been busy supporting some amazing businesses to create authentic brand stories and impactful marketing that connects them with their ideal audiences on a more meaningful level. It’s this mission that has been…

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What is a Fractional Chief Marketing Officer (FCMO) -and can it really supercharge my business?

Is your business facing challenges with marketing, sales development, or customer acquisition? You’re far from being alone. Every business aspires to grow smoothly and swiftly, yet many miss out on growth opportunities or waste time and resources on poorly executed or ill-directed marketing tactics that offer little return. The increasingly complex world of marketing presents…

STORY22 Blog

Welcome back Jennie!

There’s no greater show of how quickly time flies than a child’s first year – something our Marketing Manager, Jennie, can attest to as she makes her return to work at STORY22 after a year on Maternity Leave. A lot can change in that time! Over the last 12 months we’ve celebrated our 3rd (soon…

STORY22 Blog

STORY22 recognised in Elite Business top 100 SMEs for second year in a row and make the top 50!

Last year STORY22 celebrated winning a spot in the prestigious Elite Business Top 100 SMEs (EB100) list – a feat the team were extremely proud of. After another amazing year of helping businesses supercharge their marketing efforts, we are thrilled and honoured to announce that we’ve made it onto the prestigious EB100 list for a…

Have A Plan Blog

Help your customers reach their goals with a plan

So, your product is top-notch – really something special! You should be seeing sales erupting from your ears in a fit of smoke like in the cartoons, but you’re not. You’re at a loss and feel unsure how to turn things around. The good news is you don’t have to come up with a whole…

How to use StoryBrand in SEO

How to use StoryBrand in your SEO strategy

Having an online presence is crucial for businesses. And one of the most effective ways to boost your visibility and reach your target audience is through search engine optimisation (SEO). However, traditional SEO tactics often prioritise technical aspects over engaging content, leaving visitors confused rather than captivated. That’s where story-centric SEO comes in. By integrating…

Why You Should Segment Your Audience for Email Marketing

Why You Should Segment Your Audience for Email Marketing

Email marketing can be a powerful tool for businesses of all sizes to increase, but it’s important to make sure you’re targeting the right audience with the right message. One of the most effective ways to do this is by segmenting your audience.  Let’s face it, nobody likes receiving irrelevant emails. It’s like going to…

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