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Which StoryBrand Guide Is The Right Fit For you?

Love Building a StoryBrand and ready to inject the 7-part StoryBrand framework into your marketing? If only you had a StoryBrand Guide to help out. The problem is, finding the right StoryBrand Guide for your business isn’t that simple.

Some are marketing strategy experts and others have specialist skills like graphic design, videography or copywriting. But how do you know the right one for you?

At STORY22 we are a full-service marketing agency and here’s the thing – 90% of STORY22 clients come back for more than just copywriting when they see how powerful using the framework can be. So you deserve a versatile StoryBrand Guide who is able to apply the framework to every aspect of your marketing.

'I am truly blown away by what you do – I can’t shout about you enough. You really are SUPERSTARS!'

Every StoryBrand Guide Is Different

Every StoryBrand Guide is trained by Don and the team before they can become certified. But that’s where the similarities end. Each Guide has a different skill set and level of experience that adds unique value to their work. At STORY22 our clients get access to TWO experienced StoryBrand Guides – Sonya Whittam and Julie Firth - who have taken more than 100 clients, across the world, through the framework.

Why clients looking for a StoryBrand Guide choose STORY22

When you work with STORY22 you don’t just get a ‘StoryBrand Guide’. Sonya and Julie are qualified marketing strategists with many years’ experience working at a high level for corporates and non-profits. We’re not just writing your copy, or boosting your SEO. We approach every piece of work we do with your overarching business strategy in mind. That way we know all the work we do will connect with the audience you want to work with. STORY22 is a full-service marketing agency which means our team of skilled marketers can support you with every aspect of your marketing.

How to find your StoryBrand Guide


Ask to connect with an existing client (or two) and find out about their experience of working with the StoryBrand Guide. There’s nothing like hearing it from the horse’s mouth.


Do your homework. Check through their website for client testimonials and examples of work. Then take time to meet with prospective guides – some offer a free strategy session.


Use your time on the call to get to know your Guide. What’s their niche? Do they outsource work outside of their own skillset? If so, how do they control the quality and advise you effectively?


How to find your StoryBrand Guide

  • 1 Hire STORY22 and we’ll tailor your package to your business needs and budget.
  • 2 Work with our StoryBrand Certified Guides who will take the confusion out of your digital marketing, working transparently and effectively to ensure your investment achieves the results you want.
  • 3 Stop stressing and know your digital marketing is in trusted hands while you enjoy the success you deserve.
Sonya Whittam and Julie Firth - StoryBrand Guides

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