How To Build A Social Media Following

We know that social media is a great way to communicate, amplify your message and help build your brand. The problem is learning how to build a social media following and great content that engages the right audience, and it's not always easy!

One of the biggest misconceptions about social media is that you have to have a big following to be successful. Of course, there are social media influencers who are making millions in revenue. But the truth is you don't need to have an enormous following to have a successful social media strategy; you just need to communicate the right words to the right audience.

There are some critical ingredients to create a successful media strategy:

Have a purpose and a vision. Why are you investing in social media?  Is it to build brand awareness?  Gain more sales?  Become a social business? Knowing this will help guide your content.

It is SOCIAL media, so avoid using your pages to broadcast sales messages. Instead, be present and social on your channels and interact with your audience.

Personality counts. People buy from people. What is your brand personality? Is it funny like the Dollar Shave Club?  You must watch their video!  It's hilarious. Or is it brooding like Gerber knives?


Deliver great content.

Content that educates, inspires, motivates or provides fun is excellent fodder for social media.

Your social media strategy for your business will not look the same as other companies, and that's a good thing. What works for you won't work for other businesses, because every business is unique. That doesn't mean your content shouldn't still appeal to the right audience. You want your views to grow, and building that following will not be an overnight happening. So, with this in mind, here are some of the tips that you need to develop an effective social media strategy

Learn Where Your Audience Is

You could dive into every single social media channel, but that would be a mistake. Instead, you need to do your research and figure out where most of your audience hangs out online.  Then focus the majority of your social media strategy on that platform to get you the best results. Once you have figured this out, you can branch out to other areas of social media. If you’re time or budget pressured, it’s always better to do one or two channels well than try to spread yourself too thinly – and ineffectively across many different channels.

Be Active

No matter the platform(s) you've chosen, you need to be active on your social channels and post frequently. Don't let the pressure of posting affect the quality of your content.  Post content when you have something valuable to share.  If you don't have anything to add yourself, commenting, liking, and sharing other people's content still helps to build awareness.

Scheduling tools can be a powerful addition to your social media strategy and help you create meaningful content in advance that can be uploaded in advance and shared on your channels at particular times of your choosing. Buffer and  Hootsuite both have free trials on their pro plans or a free lifetime version.

Curate and create

The content you create for social media should always aim to be unique. That’s not the only way to populate your channels, however. Curating great content produced by others is an effective way to reflect your brand values, add value to your audience and raise your profile.

The key to content curation is finding content produced by others that your audience will find valuable and then repositioning that in a way that serves both your organisation and your audience.

Creating content is when you write blogs and create images, photos, infographics and videos to connect with your audience.  Any graphics you use should follow your brand guidelines and look professional — tools like Canva and Ripl are user-friendly ways of creating attractive images for social media. If you don't have a bank of photos to use, free stock image sites like Pexels and Unsplash are a great resource. Canva also offers a pro version with a vast range of editable content for a broader range of images and videos.

Don't Forget To Engage

Building a following is so much more than posting content! Social media engagement is more than building followers or fans. Organisations that focus on building their social media engagement can benefit from better marketing reach and increased return on their marketing investment overall. In addition, increasing brand awareness makes it easier to attract new clients.

Stop watching your competition get ahead and feeling the sense of dread that comes when you know your business is getting left behind.

At STORY22 we help our clients get the best results from their social media by creating clear content that resonates with their audience. We use the StoryBrand 7-step framework to achieve this. If you need support with any aspect of your marketing, contact STORY22 and find out how we can help you achieve social media success.