Employability Points Scheme – Where STORY22 meets fresh talent

Finding new talent for your business can be tough. But finding opportunities to break into the employment world can be equally as tricky for those just starting out. With so many entry-level positions often requiring previous experience in any given field, landing that first opportunity without that specific experience can be a real struggle.

As a business, we feel passionately about playing a role in helping the next generation of digital marketeers learn and grow in their chosen trade, as well as building a strong team around us who can support our clients in achieving their business goals.

Which is why we were thrilled to have the opportunity to meet so many rising stars through the University of Kent’s Employability Points Scheme earlier this year, welcoming our first intern, Marina Vavoula, to the team, with a promise of more new faces on the horizon.

What is the Employability Points Scheme?

The scheme rewards graduates who take part in volunteering, part-time jobs, conferences, and events, improving their chances of employment with opportunities such as internships, work placements, training, and networking events.

And STORY22 was only too happy to participate as a corporate partner in the scheme. We were truly bowled over by the caliber of graduates – which is why our original plan to take on 1 intern became 4 fresh new faces! So without further ado, join us in welcoming our newest team members..

Where film meets marketing – welcome to Judith

Judith is a First-Class Film graduate, an experienced writer, entrepreneur, and all-around creative who has brought extensive knowledge of the filmmaking process to the table. No stranger to the entrepreneurial spirit, she co-founded her own company at 14 years old and has experience in product and portrait photography, design, and copywriting.

Judith said while she loves making films, she “would rather use these creative skills in a different setting” and is interested in marketing and advertising. “I was immediately interested in the vision STORY22 had of marketing. Writing and developing stories was already what I was doing in my creative career, so it was the perfect way for me to transfer what I knew to this new experience, and the StoryBrand methodology really stuck with me.

“I’ve been doing a lot of copywriting at STORY22 so far and cannot wait to start different tasks and discover new parts of our projects.”

Mastering the art of marketing – welcome to Will

After having completed his undergraduate in History at the University of Kent, Will, like many graduates experience, found himself unsure of where his degree would lead him in the working world. Interested in business and all that goes with it, he went on to further his education with a Master’s in International Business & Management, finding through this that his interests, in fact, lay within the field of marketing.

Speaking of his decision to pursue a placement with us, he said, “STORY22 was the perfect stepping stone out of university. It was the ideal opportunity to put my interest in marketing and the knowledge gained from my master’s into practice in a work environment.”

Noting the variety of projects he’s been exposed to, he says, “each day I am dealing with a different area of marketing. Some days I am writing blogs, others social media posts, and designing graphics.

I’m learning so much and find the StoryBrand framework fascinating – it’s really opened my eyes to how important it is for businesses to clarify their message and get rid of all the jargon.”

Say hello to Holly – budding marketeer come silversmith

Having just completed her Master’s in Social Anthropology – Humanitarian & Environmental Crisis at the University of Kent, Holly had the desire to expand her skillset in an area that she’d always had an interest in but never found the opportunity to pursue.  She said, “The StoryBrand Framework used by STORY22 has been a really great way for me to learn about marketing from professionals and apply their knowledge to my own work.

I’ve really enjoyed the variety of work I’ve been given so far and how I’ve been able to try so many different aspects of marketing. Working within a female-led company also really resonated with me, and I can’t wait to see what else I’m exposed to throughout the rest of my placement!”

In her spare time, Holly puts her BA in Contemporary Jewellery from UCA Rochester to good use by making beautiful jewellery and writing her travel blog filled with content from her three years travelling the world.

How the Employability Points scheme can benefit business

We’ve thoroughly enjoyed taking on interns from the Employability Points scheme and discovering the different skill sets they bring. Two students studying the same subject will have radically different ways of approaching and tackling an issue.

In our experience, the university discipline and appetite for learning has huge advantages in the workplace. Well used to retaining a substantial amount of new information, our new team members have shown a great ability to adapt to multiple varying situations, contexts, and tasks with ease, tackling graphics for social media, copywriting, contributing to content ideas, research, and more.

What a graduate may lack in experience, many make up for in potential and a willingness to work hard – which is why it was a no-brainer for us to select four students and graduates of the University of Kent to join us this year.

If you are considering your talent pipeline right now, we’d highly recommend getting involved in the University of Kent’s Employability Points scheme. You can find out more here.