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Stay In Touch With Your Prospects

How much more business would you get if you could continue communicating with clients

Staying in touch with your customers takes time and energy that could be used elsewhere on your business. You know it’s important, but when there’s so many other tasks to juggle it’s difficult to fit it all in.

But if you’re not communicating with customers regularly, you are losing business. Without a constant reminder of the value you bring to them you are opening the door for competitors to steal their attention and, worse, for your customers to forget you ever existed. This will limit your business growth and worse still, limit your chances of survival when times are tough.

We believe you deserve a stress-free solution to keep in touch with the people that matter to your business. A compelling email campaign is a highly effective way to connect with clients and make sure your business stays front of their mind so you can focus your time more effectively.

Nurture Or Sales?

At STORY22 we use the tried and tested StoryBrand framework to create two types of email campaigns and make sure your business remains your customer’s number 1 choice.

Our nurture campaign is an effective way to:

  • introduce people to your brand
  • demonstrate why you are the best business to solve their problem
  • help your audience understand what’s at the heart of your organisation
  • build a trusted relationship with potential and existing customers

Our sales campaign enables you to:

  • reach your customers when you need to
  • create a compelling sales offer that they will act on and invest in
  • showcase limited and special offers
  • demonstrate why people should choose your business over your competition

At STORY22 we believe connecting effectively with your customers should be easy. With a compelling email campaign in place, your business will survive and thrive. Our StoryBrand certified guides are trained to deliver email campaigns that will engage your audience and make sure your business is remembered for when your customers are ready to take action.

Our Copywriting Services Include:

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Crafting the perfect one-liner – we’ll get people to sit up and listen to you – even if you only have a few seconds to get your message across.

Creating your brand story – we’ll work with you to develop your BrandScript – the foundation of every single one of your marketing assets.

Words for your website wireframe – we’ll craft compelling copy for every aspect of your home page (and inside pages if required) that will get your visitors to connect.

Blogs – we’ll show your audience why you are the authority in your field by demonstrating your expertise in engaging and interesting ways

Sales letters – we’ll scribe the perfect sales letter that nails why your customers should use you and why they need to take action – fast.

Social media – we’ll create social content that will connect with your customers and position you as the solution to their problems.

How we create your compelling email campaign:

  • 1 Schedule a call

    Hire a STORY22 copywriter and discuss your campaign ideas.

  • 2 Start your project

    Work with our professional StoryBrand certified copywriter who will craft a captivating campaign to engage your customers.

  • 3 Sit back and relax

    Stop stressing and save precious time so you can focus on other priority tasks.

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