The Words You Use Matter

Imagine how much more business you’d do if customers really understood the value you offered them?

Writing compelling content for your audience can be painstaking and time-consuming. The trouble is customers don’t buy the best products or services, they buy the ones they understand the quickest. That’s where STORY22 can help. We will create a clear message for your business, writing content in a way that’s proven to compel people to take action.

Why you cannot write your own copy

The problem with writing your own copy is that you’re just too close to your business. You have the ‘curse of knowledge’. It has literally become impossible for you to see through the eyes of your customers. You’re using jargon and terminology that confuses people – and sends them straight to your competitors. And that’s why most businesses fail to communicate in a way that makes their customers actually listen.

At STORY22 we take the stress out of copywriting by providing a host of services to meet your individual needs. Our expert writers are among just a handful of people in the UK who are certified to use the tried and tested StoryBrand framework for copywriting that is proven to help businesses and non-profits succeed. We know how to make your copy engage and compel your customers to take action - and stop you from tearing your hair out in frustration.

Our Copywriting Services Include:

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Crafting the perfect one-liner – we’ll get people to sit up and listen to you – even if you only have a few seconds to get your message across.

Creating your brand story – we’ll work with you to develop your BrandScript – the foundation of every single one of your marketing assets.

Words for your website wireframe – we’ll craft compelling copy for every aspect of your home page (and inside pages if required) that will get your visitors to connect.

Blogs – we’ll show your audience why you are the authority in your field by demonstrating your expertise in engaging and interesting ways

Sales letters – we’ll scribe the perfect sales letter that nails why your customers should use you and why they need to take action – fast.

Social media – we’ll create social content that will connect with your customers and position you as the solution to their problems.

How to get copy that compels your customers to take action

  • 1 Hire a STORY22 copywriter and tailor your package to your needs and budget
  • 2 Work with our professional StoryBrand certified copywriter who will capture your compelling story – whether your project is a one-liner or a whole website
  • 3 Stop stressing and spend your time more productively – focusing on the tasks you actually enjoy!

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