Spoiler – Your ‘About Us’ Page Isn’t About You

Okay, so it turns out your ‘About us’ page isn’t exactly what it says on the tin…

When writing an About us page, many businesses fall into the trap of making the same mistake. That is – making their About us page all about, well, them. You’d be forgiven for thinking this page is where you put it all out there about how great you are, but there is definitely an art to crafting an About Page that will increase your chances of winning business.

While the About page is typically the one that receives the highest traffic on your website, it’s also the one that often fails to connect effectively with prospects – which is a waste of a great resource.

So, if it’s not about you, who is it about?

Spoiler alert – it’s about your customers, their problem, and how you can help solve it.

That doesn’t mean you can’t speak about yourselves at all – quite the opposite – but this information needs to be positioned in the right way for it to land well – AKA for it to actually mean something to people and encourage them to do business with you.

What’s the problem with making your ‘About us’ page about you?

A lot of About pages can come across as a stream of consciousness detailing everything from the inception of the business right through to the present day. And while the history of your business is indeed relevant to this page, if it’s not helping your customer understand how you can solve their problem – it shouldn’t be the immediate focus here.

The bottom line is this -your About page plays a pivotal role in helping your customers decide whether you’re the right company for them to do business with. They’ll be looking for something that resonates with them, builds trust, and gives them a good feeling about you. A connection with their own values even.

Our brains are hard-wired to ignore information that isn’t helping us survive and/or thrive. So if your About page is simply reeling off information about the background of your business for the sake of it, your customers are going to struggle to find information that feels relevant to them, likely leaving them thinking… ‘so what? What does this have to do with me?’

In Building A StoryBrand, Donald Miller recommends businesses focus on the following 3 questions when it comes to marketing effectively:

  1. What does the hero (your customer) want?
  2. Who or what is standing in the way of the hero getting what they want?
  3. What will the hero’s life look like if they do (or don’t) get what they want?

It’s ultimately these 3 questions that will help to keep you from making yourself the hero of your story, instead of your customer.

So how should you position your About us page?

To make a truly compelling About us page, first think about what matters to your customer.

  • What are they looking for when arriving on this page?
  • What is their biggest challenge at this point in their customer journey?
  • What is the problem they are looking for someone to help them solve?

So instead of starting with the date your business began and how the idea came to you in a fuzzy dream one night, start by spelling out exactly what your customer wants to aid their decision-making.

What are they looking for from you? Is it great customer service? Is it a strong track record?

Showing them you understand their considerations will demonstrate empathy and help build a connection with them.

What to include in your About us page

So now we’ve established that your About us page isn’t entirely about you, here’s a rough guide you can use to keep the focus on your customer:

  1. Start with a heading that clearly articulates what they are hoping to achieve from their supplier (you!). This should be different from your home page which is more focused on the product or service.
  2. Show empathy for the problem they are facing – recognise the difficulty they’re facing and how that problem makes them feel.
  3. Give them some relevant background to your business – relevant being the key word here. What do they want to know, rather than what you might want to tell them?
  4. Remind them of the success they can achieve if they were able to overcome that problem.
  5. Give them a simple 3-step plan to help them get there – use this opportunity to pack in the value of your offer.
  6. Don’t forget your clear call to action – tell them what they need to do in order to do to get the success they’re looking for.  Don’t be shy with this – people want to know you’re confident in what you can offer!

And while each business is different – all About pages can easily follow this tack to help verify that you are the right business or person for people to engage with.

Your About page is a golden opportunity to win over your customers by showcasing your values in a way that is meaningful to them. When they resonate with what you’re saying – when they can see themselves in your story being able to overcome their challenges and getting the life they want, they are more likely to do business with you.

Get the support you need

Rethinking how you ‘do’ marketing can be overwhelming, but businesses that clarify their message and place their customer at the centre of their story win big in the marketplace. If you want to connect with your customers and compel them to do business with you – schedule a call so you’ll finally have marketing that works in your corner.